Grown Ups 2

by The TV Guy

UnknownThe sequel of all sequels, this is the one that if you have not seen it yet, you are likely the last American left. If you did not see the original, well shame on you! This iconic film will stand the test of time like no other before it.

The mega list of master thespians in this film boggles the mind.

Sandler, James, Rock and Spade return with the summers blockbuster hit…

Grown Ups 2…not so much

This was the standard mediocre fare that Adam Sandler brings to the viewing public. The jokes are slap stick crossed with kicks in the nuts and standard underdog gets his revenge.

Did I laugh?

I did, I like many men of my age group I still laugh at pre-pubescent jokes about bodily functions.

So if you have an extra 8 bucks and an hour and half you just need to kill then go ahead. Otherwise save your money and watch in its infinite re-runs on basic cable for the next 25 years.

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