Blue is For Nightmares- A Review

UnknownI’ve read the first two of an apparent four part series, starting with Blue is for Nightmares and White is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz.  It’s a young adult series centered around Stacey, who learned kitchen magic from her now deceased, but beloved grandmother.  Stacey is having nightmares about her best friend Drea, and she knows from experience that her nightmares come true.  Stacey needs to figure out the dream before something bad happens to her friend.

To be honest, I liked Stacey, but I didn’t like her “best friend” Drea.  Throughout book one and two, I kept thinking that Drea was mean and selfish, and it was hard for me to watch how Drea pushed her around and away.

These books are a good, entertaining read, but I probably wouldn’t bother to buy them full price.  Get them used, borrow them from the library or a friend.  I read them on vacation, and they were perfect for that.  They were a nice, light read, but not so engrossing that I had trouble pulling away from them to go to my vacation activities.

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