Fake TV

TV is supposed to be fake…

UnknownI got caught up in a reality show that airs on the Food Network called Mystery Diners. A team of undercover surveillance people set the restaurant up with cameras and audio to catch workers stealing, lying or just being rude. The show is funny, watching the employee of the month at one place get caught on camera throwing away orders from other servers, lying to management and calling a customer a bitch to her face. The concept is great, catching staff in dirty tricks and out right theft.

Well, it has come to my attention it was all faked and the production company created a fake reality show. When the crew was in Arizona at a couple of places the staff at the restaurants ratted out the production company for staging everything that was seen on TV. It was a good idea that just did not pan out I guess, its just sad that in the quest for ratings some people will do whatever it takes to have a hit show.

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