And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors…

by the TV Guy’s Stepmother
“The thing I can do is can do is wave my head, and wave. ..I’m getting dizzy.”  I’ll bet you’ve heard those words.  What image did they conjure up as you read them?  For me, it’s those cute little kids and the nice man engaging them in conversation.
OK, next question-what product are they promoting? It took several airings before I finally paid attention to the product vs the cuteness. So I wondered, as I have before… is that commercial doing its job? If I walk away remembering everything but the product, I think not.
Now consider this ad.  As a young woman buys a $150 purse with her car insurance savings, her friend sings “I don’t have State Farm, so insurance find me money.” Annoying at best (and I would never buy a $150 purse), BUT there’s no doubt as to the product being hawked.
To advertisers and those who create their ads-it’s important to grab our attention, but if
we’re missing the point of your ad (and for me, AT&T is just one example of many),
you’re missing sales, and wasting lots of precious advertising time and dollars.

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