My Shopping Cart Rant

This has nothing to do with grocery shopping or carts, but here's a cute cat.

This has nothing to do with grocery shopping or carts, but here’s a cute cat.

I hate everything about grocery shopping.  Everything.  It’s probably one of my least favorite chores.  The only reason I do it is because I like to eat.

One of the things I hate most about grocery shopping is the parking lot.  People just leave their shopping carts everywhere, and it drives me crazy.  This is Arizona, and it’s hot.  Walking across a hot parking lot isn’t my favorite thing either, but I do it because I’m not just going to leave my shopping cart beside my car.  I park all the way out so that my car door doesn’t get dinged.  I assume that the other people who park near me park there so that their cars also don’t get dinged.  Why, then, would they leave their carts in the lot?  The 25 steps to put the cart away are too many?

The only good excuse I ever heard for not walking the car back was when a pregnant woman said that she couldn’t walk the cart back while she left her toddler in the car.  That’s a good reason.  Laziness, not so much.

Please, people.  Just walk your cart back.

One comment on “My Shopping Cart Rant

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    Same complaint here – and I park farther out too! Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood I offer to return someone’s cart for them. Their surprised smile always lifts my spirits.

    It is funny that we both ranted about grocery shopping this week!

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