Revising, Critiquing, Passive Voice… Oh my!


Jerome, AZ… Photo credit Doree Weller

I know passive voice slows down the pace of the story.  I know it.  I watch for the dreaded “was.”  But I swear that a word thief who wants all the good verbs for himself sneaks into my writing and puts them there.  Unlikely?  Yes.  But all good conspiracies are built from unlikely beginnings.

I used to use Reviewfuse for critiques, and I met a lot of good people there.  Many of my works I put up for critique ended up getting published, so I’m a huge fan of writers helping writers.  I’m not into the whole meeting people in person thing.  I’d be expected to socialize and have manners, and if I can avoid those things, I prefer to.

Anyway, toward the end, I wasn’t getting much valuable feedback off Reviewfuse anymore, and after “good job” one too many times, I drifted away.  I recently found Scribophile, and so far, it seems really good.  I’ve gotten three quality reviews on a novel first chapter, which I used to mercilessly revise it, cutting parts I’d grown to love.  They needed to go, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love them.

Scribophile works on “karma points,” so the more you review, the more you can submit your work for review.  One thing I like is that I can pick and choose what works I want to review.  That way, I can read stuff I’m actually interested in, instead of getting stuck critiquing a memoir I hate just because, as a rule, I don’t like non-fiction.  The user interface isn’t as easy and intuitive on Scribophile as it was on Reviewfuse, but that’s a little thing, since I’m getting good, constructive reviews.

If you’re an author, check it out.


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