Sick Laughter

by The TV Guy

UnknownEvery so often a movie or three comes along that makes you shake your head and laugh at the same time. The shaking of the head is for the disturbing portions that we should not laugh at, but do. The bad jokes made at the expense of someone’s anatomy or how they act. The dark side of our being that laughs at the pain or bad luck of others.

I have some movies that I have seen many times and each time I still laugh at the dumb telegraphed jokes that offer very little in the way of value. Hot Tub Time Machine, Zoolander and Talladega Nights are just three of these types of movies.  There’s no redeeming value to society other than a belly laugh at others’ failures and misfortunes.

So what should I say, “I am better than laughing at a group of male models burning to death”? No, I guess not, because every time they light themselves on fire in Zoolander I laugh with a little bit of twisted humor. If you have not seen the films mentioned above… well, watch them! They are in heavy rotation on TBS or any other secondary network showing the same six movies over and over again ad nausem. We are just making our way in the world looking for something to laugh at and sometimes it is at the expense of others.

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