Schlock of Ages

by The TV Guy

imagesIn spite of the star power and time-honored music, Rock of Ages falls short. This film, directed by Alan Shankman of So You Think You Can Dance fame, leaves me asking why and what for. Why Tom Cruise as the “Rock God” Stacee Jaxx? The script poorly utilized a current media darling, Alan Cranston, as mayor of Los Angeles and as the second fiddle to fundamentalist anti-rock music protestor Catherine Zeta-Jones. The singing… oh for the love of all that is good… the singing becomes infectious and at other times quite painful. This mess of a story line and musical could have worked, but in this case it didn’t.

In its defense, Julianne Hough was good. She can lip sync well and move in time, as she is a dancer by trade. Paul Giamatti was a little disturbing as the sleazy music promoter. In a nutshell, don’t waste your time ordering or recording this one. But, and this is a big but, if its already on, give it a look for the car crash effect.


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