A Street Cat Named Bob- A Review

UnknownWe all know that pets are great.  They help lower blood pressure, cheer you up when you’re having a bad day, and are just the best friends that most of us could ask for.

For James Bowen, Bob, a stray cat who found him, saved his life.

James Bowen was off drugs but directionless, playing music for change in the park.  When Bob came along, Mr. Bowen had purpose, someone who depended on him.  Bob went everywhere with Mr. Bowen, often riding on his shoulder.

This book is a fast read and highly enjoyable.  It’s a bit of sunshine and encouragement for anyone who’s ever gone though a tough time.

If you like inspirational stories with animals, read A Street Cat Named Bob, by James Bowen.  He also has tons of YouTube videos.  Just search for “a street cat named Bob.”

One comment on “A Street Cat Named Bob- A Review

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    This sounds like a great book!

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