Salacious “Reality” TV

imagesby The TV Guy

The Investigation Discovery (ID) Network, a member of the Discovery Channel, family brings us such shows as Wicked Attraction, Deadly Women, Surviving Evil and Deadly Affairs, among others. These shows are based on real life murders; usually the spouse is the murderer or the murdered. The shows draw the viewer in with a dark premise of an unsolved murder and the process of solving the murder.

South Park did a spoof on these shows, referring to it as murder porn. I had not thought of it as such until then. It really is addictive, and viewers find themselves watching one after the other out of a twisted desire to see what will happen next. It is very similar to slowing down to view a car accident.

With all that said, I enjoy this genre of “reality” television. They make it look like news, and while it is loosely based on a real event, they twist the stories into a salacious and glamorized form for our entertainment.


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