Autumn in AZ

My backyard

My backyard

Sometimes it can be hard to notice the seasons changing in AZ because they don’t change all that drastically.  The leaves don’t turn and the air doesn’t get cool and crisp in the daytime.  At most, I might need long pants after dark, but even that’s optional.

Our days are still in the 80s, and it feels hotter in the sun.  Still, October means Halloween, and the nights are a welcome reprieve from the heat.  It takes me most of October to catch up to the fact that it is October, which is a shame, as it’s my favorite time of year.  I love all things Halloween.

Fall means moving from watermelons to peas, zucchini to butternut squash.  It means I don’t have to quite as vigilant about watering my plants, and I can go outside without taking special precautions to drink enough water or making sure I take breaks every 15-20 minutes in the middle of the day.

One of my favorite fall memories was from when I was 10 years old.  I’d just spent part of the day raking leaves, and we had gone to the shelter to get a dog, Charlie.  He was a black lab.  When we brought him home that first day, we both jumped into the leaves, undid all my hard work, and had a great time.

The only bad thing about October is that it’s only a month long.  😦


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