by The TV Guy

UnknownThe folks at Marvel comics have brought the world of comics to primetime television. The Marvel comics Agents of Shield is currently on ABC and follows the character of Phil Coulson played by Clark Gregg from the Ironman series. The show picks up him after the alien attack of New York City under the premise that the world is changed and that this band of agents are part of a new defense of the world.

The character Phil Colson was dead at the end of the Ironman series. This was an interesting sort of twist of realities in the bending of one storyline to fit another storyline. If you get beyond that and you have a gap of time in which the show of this caliber can be viewed, then this is definitely something you might want to give a look.

The basic premise of the show is that Phil Coulson puts together a team of Shield agents to handle strange new cases.

The characters are a rather standard.  There is a computer hacker, a military strongman, a woman who knows karate… pretty standard stuff.  Despite the cliché of the team, the stories themselves are quite interesting and actually give the viewer a hour of compelling television.

While I’m not much for this particular genre of movies or television, the show is geared towards a more mainstream viewer. Although each of the members of the team possesses certain skill sets, unlike Ironman or the Hulk, they are not superhuman.

So what it comes down to is if you are a fan of this particular genre, you may find this to be not quite up to your standards. If this is not your genre you may find this to be just watchable enough that you can sit through a few episodes and find to be enjoyable.

Overall I give this show is 7/10.  It’s not great but at the same time, it’s not horrible. So if this interests you in the least give this one look.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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