Vegetarian Bait and Switch?

DSCN1974About a month ago, people were freaking out that Chipotle had an ad that is sorta anti-meat but not really.  They’re calling it a “vegetarian bait and switch.”

Watch the commercial and judge for yourself.  Can I see how that interpretation might make sense?  Sure.  They’re condemning factory farms and implying that meat free living is better than eating meat.  While still offering meat options.

I didn’t go vegetarian for a long time, even though I wanted to, because I thought I had to be all or nothing.  These days, I’m all about harm reduction.  I mostly don’t eat meat.  But when I do, I try to get it from responsible, humane sources.  If I don’t though, I try not to stress myself out over it.  Three years ago, I ate meat regularly; now I eat it about 6 times a year.  By any math, I’m moving in the direction I want to.

Back to Chipotle.  They use a lot of locally sourced, antibiotic and hormone free stuff.  They’re stuff is easily (and deliciously) made vegetarian.  Meat eaters and veggies have plenty of options.  Maybe they’re not perfect, but they’re at least a more responsible option than a lot of fast food places.  Let’s face it.  We all don’t have time to cook every day.  So having better options available is better than not having options available.

I liked the commercial.  To all you oversensitive vegetarians out there: calm down.  It’s just a commercial.


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