by The TV Guy


Just so you know, Doree Weller chose the picture, not the TV Guy.

When spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns after five years, he is not the same person who left all those years before. Presumed dead, he had been stranded on what was believed to be a deserted island in the north China Sea. Queen is forced to come to terms with who he is and who his father wants him to be. Queen’s father leaves behind a detailed list of all the criminals who have harmed the city he loved, with the expectation that his son will seek revenge. As a hooded vigilante armed with a bow and arrow, “the Arrow” sets forth to clean up corruption one criminal a time.

With all that said, we’re dealing with a cartoon character of sorts, a grown man running around looking like a modern-day Robin Hood referred to by the local media on the show as “the hood”. All in all, this is an average show with lots of fighting and lots of shooting; it has all the things that would keep the standards of the CW network interested. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it about 6 1/2 but if this is your genre, that number is likely to go up.

If you’re looking for something that’s action-packed and mindless, give the Arrow a look; it’s currently on Netflix. Be sure to start with episode one; otherwise the show is really odd and potentially difficult to follow.


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