When is Over?

by The TV Guy

thWhere is the line in the sand that once crossed, you know the series has over stayed its welcome? Recently on Criminal Minds, there was a complete “dream sequence” where Hotch sees his dead wife and the serial killer who haunted him over the years. I felt as if maybe the writers had simply run out of new stories.

I had an emotional reaction to what I was watching. I find this type of filler to be painful and a bit insulting to serious viewers. I could care less about his departed wife and the silly dream like sequence that is supposed to teach a lesson or something? Serious television should not be messed with in a manner that degrades the integrity of the show itself.

So the writers and producers of dramas should all take my pledge!

Repeat after me!

“I will not put sappy trite dream sequences with dead people in ball gowns or tops hats in a serious drama series.”

Thanks for your support!


One comment on “When is Over?

  1. Cheryl says:

    I was thinking the same thing when they decided to write in an online girlfriend for Reid and then kill her off in front of him. Like really is that character so socially backward that he falls in love sight unseen? Oh well maybe it is just me.

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