Jerome, AZ

Jerome, AZ

I may be in the minority, but sometimes, I just love silence.  My commute is an hour one way, and I often use that time to make phone calls (I have a hands’ free device– no worries!) or listen to music.  But other times, I sit in silence for the entire hour.  Sometimes, it’s the first time all day when I haven’t had any demands placed on me, nothing asked or answered.  I don’t even use it as thinking time during that silent time.  I just drive.  In some ways, it’s a lot like meditation, as I’m just in the moment, and there’s nothing else.

I have two volumes at home: quiet and loud.  I listen to music, and lots of it.  But when I don’t want music, I like the quiet.  I often joke that the hotel in the Shining seems like my perfect vacation spot.  There’s lots of space, lots of food, and no other people.  Well, other than the ghosts, but nothing’s perfect, right?

I thought about this because I recently read a blog in which Trina talked about her experiment to be silent for 12 hours, and the insights she gained from it.  At the end of her blog, she asks, “Could you be silent for 12 hours?”  I believe I could.  And I’d probably like it.

What do you think?  Is there anything to be gained by silence?

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