Football aka Soccer

by The TV Guy

thThe sport of “football,” as it is known throughout the world, or “soccer,” as it’s known in the United States, has been played at many different levels, and professionally for more than 150 years. In England, the Football Association (FA) has an annual tournament that allows all the teams that play professionally in England to participate. There are six layers to English football.  The top is the Barclays Premiership that makes up the top 20 teams in English football. It goes down from there to the lower leagues, to League One and Two and onto the very bottom and this is where my story begins.

The players from Brackley Town football club have full-time jobs working in a small region in northern England of 14,000 people. After working all day in shops, offices and driving truck, they play football. This week at home they were in a position they never quite expected to be in; they beat a League One club Gillingham 1-0 and will continue to move forward in the FA cup.

I’m not sure there’s anything quite like this set up with the Football Association in England anywhere in the United States, where a team of part time professionals can have the opportunity to compete against the best of the best in any sport. Looking at the FA website, the concept is quite simple, allowing for football/soccer to be available to everyone at every level throughout the country.

I have been drawn into the mystique of the FA cup. I love watching the David’s of England take on Goliath’s and win sometimes. For that one moment in time there is this magical moment where passion and perseverance meet on the field, and the little guy wins.

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