20 Random Things About Me

There was recently a Facebook “game” going around in which people gave you a number, and you had to post that many random things about yourself.  A friend gave me 11, and I posted them on my personal Facebook page, but I thought it would be fun to put them here.  The first 11 are the ones on my Facebook page.  The other 9 are just for you, so don’t tell anyone!

1. I’m a multi-published author (of short stories).

2. I hate ice cubes.

3. My favorite colors, in order, are blue, purple, and green.

4. I’m allergic to sesame oil.

5. I can’t stand it when electronic devices “talk” to me.

6. I won first place in the shot put during one track and field day in elementary school.

7. I wish I could draw and play the piano.

8. I’m pretty sure I’m tone deaf. At least that’s what people tell me when they hear me sing.

9. I can be a little clumsy. Sometimes.

10. I’m usually only funny by accident. People don’t usually laugh if I’m trying to make a joke.

11. I frequently stop speaking in the middle of a sentence.

12.  I love all animals, but I consider myself a “dog person.”  My favorite breed is the German Shepherd.

13.  My “lucky” numbers are 13 and 31.

14.  Once a jingle or song goes into my head, it NEVER leaves.  Want to know what was on the McDonald’s menu in the 80’s?  Yeah, I can list the menu.  They set it to music for some contest.

15.  I frequently remember places by what book I read while I was there.

16.  I started my first novel when I was 12.  It was called “The Legend of AT” and involved torture, mad scientists, and talking articles of clothing.  The characters were all people I knew or that I’d taken from books.  I continued adding to it until I was around the age of 16.

17.  Only one of my friends is NOT an oldest or only child.  I’ve only ever dated men who were the oldest or only.

18.  I don’t like umbrellas.  I’d rather wear a hoodie or hat when it rains.

19.  I love to wear crazy colors on my toenails, but on my fingers, I mostly wear clear polish, unless it’s a holiday.

20.  I will often not look at an article that really interests me if it’s primarily in video form.  I just don’t like watching videos.

So, there you have it.  Fascinating stuff, huh?


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