What Jane Eyre Can Teach Us

thI don’t remember the first time I read Jane Eyre, but I think I was in my teens or early 20s.  I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t assigned this book, but read it just because I wanted to.  I loved it from the first time I read it, and I read it at least once a year.  It just never gets old!  Mostly I skip the part about Jane’s childhood, as that does get a bit old and isn’t as interesting from a re-reading standpoint.  When she gets to Fairfax Manor is when the book picks up pace, in my opinion.

I found a great article on “11 Lessons That ‘Jane Eyre’ Can Teach Every 21st Century Woman About How To Live Well.”  One of the reasons I like this book so much is that it’s over 150 years old, and people still read it and enjoy it.  Even though it’s set in the time period it was published (mid-1800s), the characters and themes stand the test of time.

If you’re interested, here are some other books over 100 years old that still have readability and relevancy.  It’s because they’re character driven novels about the human condition.

Any other books over 100 years old that you think are still relevant today?

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