Yummy and happy breakfast at the Olive Mill.

Yummy and happy breakfast at the Olive Mill.

Much like mornings, I’m not really a fan of most breakfast foods.  Not for breakfast, anyway.  I love cereal and oatmeal and waffles.  For lunch or dinner or snack.  But in the morning?  Not so much.

I wake up starving!  But I don’t like anything sweet in the morning.  That rules out most fast breakfast foods.  The only thing I really like for breakfast is eggs, preferably with toast or potatoes.

When I worked in crisis, the noon to 10 shift, I could get up and make breakfast in the morning.  So I did.  I had eggs more often than not in the mornings, and I was a very happy camper.  That all came screeching to a halt, however, when I started working in the clinic.  My hours there are 8 to 4:30, and I get up at 6.  Very reluctantly.  Which means I have an hour to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, make coffee, and be on my way out the door.  Microwaving oatmeal almost takes too much time.

I could plan ahead and make something for the week.  Something with eggy goodness, but I’m probably not going to do that.  So I need to find alternatives for breakfast.  I don’t feel bound by breakfast rules, but there aren’t many foods that I like for breakfast.  Salad seems like a weird way to start the day, and so does butternut squash soup.  Leftovers are probably out.  I need quick breakfast foods that are minimally processed, meat free and not sweet.  Doesn’t seem like much to ask, does it?

Stay tuned for the exciting answer to my breakfast conundrum!

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