Peace on Earth?

by The TV Guy

Happy Holidays to all as you hunt for those little extra bits of something for those you love. With all the love in our hearts we set forth to acquire the things that we all  want. The peace on Earth has left the planet and we are left with shootings, fighting and arguing. The mantra of the holiday shopping this season is, “kill or be killed”.

As you can see from the video the shoppers are surrounding a pallet that one may think is full of gold bars that are being given away as a kind gesture from King Wal-Mart to the serfs.

No I think they are an off brand 20 something inch television. The 20-second mark of the video the first shopper hits the floor. At the 40-second mark two women begin to fight over the object. It must have some sort of magical powers or maybe money inside. Cue the police and store security, by the 1 minute mark the woman is on the ground, still fighting, and not willing to let go of her (Precious)………

Wow well it is the end of the world and I feel fine…..A little saddened by what we have become at this glorious time of year.

Shop safely and make sure you have someone watching your back……


2 comments on “Peace on Earth?

  1. A.Mystery says:

    The goodly King of Walmart doth bestow upon thee thine golden bounty of price roll-backs! ‘Tis the Season for stupidity. Holiday Shopping Tip! The “nobility” may use the mysterious scrying devices known as computers and internet to avoid associating with the vile serfs and commoners.

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