Screen Touchers

For absolutely no reason, here's some fish.

For absolutely no reason, here’s some fish.

Are you or someone you know a “screen toucher?”  Screen touchers are those annoying folk who, for some unknown reason, feel the need to touch things that aren’t touch screens.  They press a fingertip, jab a nail, or drag several fingers for emphasis, leaving streaky evidence behind.  If you or someone you know has this problem, it’s not too late!  Act now and take the vow, “I will not touch other people’s screens!”

It’s worse when the person touching your screen has some authority.  I’ve recently started a new job, and the woman touched and jabbed and stroked my computer monitor for no reason.  I wanted to shout at her, “Stop it!  You’re a grown up!  You don’t have to touch everything!”  But I didn’t.  At least not out loud.  And I started planning this post.

Screen touchers, I’m outing you!  You have been warned.


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