Spreading Positivity

Don't be sad; pet my belly.

Don’t be sad; pet my belly.

Last month, I posted three things I was grateful for everyday, as a way to spread positive thoughts and feelings, and raise awareness about gratitude.  I know it sounds silly, but I try to spread positivity every day.  I try to be cheerful, smile at people.  I try to thank others for the things they do for me.  I think that it’s the least I can do for my fellow humans (and myself), since there’s enough negative, sadness, and anger in the world.

I don’t watch the news.  I know that some people feel it’s important to stay in the know, but I don’t.  There’s nothing important enough for me to know on the news.  I believe that it’s important to put your attention on what you want, not what you don’t.  So I love it when my Facebook friends spread positive stories.

Not long ago, there was a lot of racial tension in the wake of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, along with a host of other crimes committed not long after that.  I couldn’t miss the news stories if I tried (and I did), and a lot of white people were angry because they felt no one was talking about racial motivation in black on white crime, and so on and so forth.  It seemed for a little while like everyone was angry with one another because of individual incidents.

There was a recent episode of “What Would You Do?” in which a Black man brought his White girlfriend to a barber shop, and a Black hairdresser started putting her down based on her color.  I cried when I heard the responses of other people in the barber shop.  Most of their messages were anti-hate.  I hope that we’ll all keep working together as members of the human race to help one another take steps forward.  Here’s the video.  It’s really worth the few minutes it takes to watch.


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