Is There a Doctor In the House?

by The TV Guy

I don’t often find myself talking about “celebrities”. For many of us celebrities are nothing more than the people who fill our TV shows and movies and make music; they are entertainers. Every so often a celebrity says or does something that makes us stop and scratch our heads, often in sheer amazement of their disconnection from the real world. With access to money and important friends, many celebrities have lost touch with their fans and even with their own roots.

With all that said, there’s one celebrity who I genuinely think may benefit from a psychiatric intervention in order to verify if he is delusional. I do not often feel one way or another for celebrities, but in this case I have to add my two cents to the overflowing cup of change that is being amassed in relation to this individual.

Kanye West has possibly had a psychotic break. I know he doesn’t live or even visit my reality, based on some of his statements, he is not all there. His most recent statements compare his job as a musician to what police do on a daily basis. He explains that going out on stage every night is as dangerous as being a police officer. As someone who has attended hundreds of concerts, I have never once seen the act on stage shot, punched or kicked.

His statements equating his struggle to that of Jesus is genuinely concerning from a mental health standpoint. This man really needs some help.

So, does he need a foundation of some sort to raise money for him so when he’s in retirement and wounded and broken from those years of singing and dancing? Do pop stars have a union where he will get half his pay after 20 years of service?

If this man genuinely has people who care for him, now may be the time to step in and offer him some professional help.

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