thI’ve just finished watching House of Cards, and toward the end of the season, I realized three things.

1.  I was rooting for Frank Underwood.

2.  He’s a villain.  Not like an anti-hero.  He’s a villain.

3.  I still want him to win.

(Sue me; it’s a TV show)

It’s talent to make a villain like Frank Underwood, with few redeeming qualities, that you actually want to root for.  I’m a little ashamed of myself.

With Dexter, I didn’t feel bad about rooting for him.  He’s a serial killer who only kills bad people.  He’s got a code of ethics.  The Punisher, same deal.

(Spoilers ahead… you’ve been warned)

Peter Russo wasn’t the greatest human being, but he didn’t deserve to die.  Yeah, he was weak, but he really loved his kids and loved Christina.  Frank killed him for political gain.  That’s not a good reason to kill someone.  But I still can’t find it in me to hate him.

It should be noted that I’m not a fan of politicians in general.  I have no problem believing the dirty, crooked, underhanded stuff that House of Cards shows.  I shouldn’t like the show.  I shouldn’t like Francis or his equally conniving wife.  I shouldn’t.

But I do.

And that folks, is the magic of good storytelling.  I don’t know why it works, but it does.  I’ll be sad if Frank doesn’t win, even though I know I should be rooting for Zoe and the truth, I’m really not.

Season Two begins February 14th.  What better way to spend Valentine’s Day?

Watch at your own risk.


One comment on “Villians

  1. grazona says:

    I agree with you on everything you just said! I didn’t expect to like the show but I became completely drawn in. Kevin Spacey is spectacular in this role. I love Francis even when I’m hating him. Same with Zoe Barnes. I’m often thinking “What is she doing?!” and “You go girl!” at the same time! I think the story and all the characters are very believable. I didn’t know that Season 2 was about to start! I can’t wait!

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