A Peek Into History

Madame de Florian's apartment; Source: The Meta Picture

Madame de Florian’s apartment; Source: The Meta Picture

I was never into history in school, probably because it was a series of names and dates with no context.  Why should I care about long dead people and what they did?  As I’ve grown older and can do my own learning, I realize that I’m more interested in seeing historical things.  I especially love architecture and antiques.  Part of my love of antiques comes from my grandparents, who I spent summers selling antiques and reproductions with.

I recently saw an article about a woman, Madame de Florian, who had an apartment full of cool stuff that she abandoned in 1942 but continued to pay rent on.  The apartment sat as is until her recent death.  At that point, people went in and found a treasure trove.

I would love an opportunity to walk around this apartment, look at her books and explore the different areas.  The place seems cluttered with all different cool things, which is one of the many reasons I love clutter.  It invites exploration.  I’m a big proponent of surrounding myself with things I enjoy.  Let others clean!  Clutter is my friend!

Here’s a link to the article so you can see pictures of this very cool apartment.


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