Giving It a Chance

For absolutely no reason, here's a butterfly.  Museum of Natural History, Photo credit Doree Weller

For absolutely no reason, here’s a butterfly. Museum of Natural History, Photo credit Doree Weller

I recently watched the first two episodes of the Office.  And I HATED it.  Couldn’t even get through an entire episode.  I posted on FB how much I disliked it, and the responses were interesting.  Predictably, many people loved the show; it was popular for a reason.  One person mentioned that they didn’t like it at first, but then watched it again later and started liking it.

The TV Guy always gives shows a chance.  You’ll hear him say it from time to time that he watches the pilot plus a few shows to see if he actually likes it.

I don’t do that.

I avoid things I don’t like.  If I read a book and can’t get into it, I put it back down.  With TV, I’m even less patient.  You can’t capture my attention in the first 10 minutes?  We’re done.

When it comes to entertainment, I have a super short attention span.  If I’m supposed to be entertained, then entertain me!  I love stuff with a message, as long as they don’t forget the primary directive of entertainment.  V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies.  Entertainment comes first, message is a part of the movie, not the reason for it.  Same with Fight Club (book and movie).  Entertainment first, message second.

I keep that in mind when I’m the one doing the writing.  It’s ironic then, that my first chapters always need the most work.  I can start right up with short stories, but for some reason, with novels, my beginnings drag and I don’t seem to know how to jump right in.

At least I know it’s a problem, right?  And I’m working on it.  I have to keep in mind:

“Books aren’t written, they’re rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn’t quite done it…” – Michael Crichton


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