Why Do I Like The Michael J. Fox Show?

by the TV Guy’s Stepmom

thI like Michael J. Fox, and I have since Family Ties. I wasn’t sure about his return to network TV, in a series about a TV newsman returning to the air after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The plot line doesn’t hide his affliction, nor does it make it front and center.
The show is quirky, an acquired taste for sure.  It’s funny and has some great laugh-out-loud lines.  It’s a good ensemble cast, with Mike’s wife, Betsy Brandt (Marie from Breaking Bad), his three kids, his sister and his work mates. Without a laugh track, I have to decide for myself what’s funny, which is actually refreshing!
Some of the story lines are “out there” implausible, my one criticism.
I don’t expect this show to make it to a second season, but I recommend a look.


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