by The TV Guy

So this week, I made the decision that I wanted to be able to watch anything I could pull up on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone directly on my television.  Having Internet connectivity on the television does allow for connectivity of applications that are offered, but this was not enough. As a recent member of Fox soccer2go, I have access to a library of European league football that otherwise I would not have access on my laptop or phone alone.

Google Chromecast allows for me to open it up on my computer and immediately sync it with my television. I was able to look at photos using the Roku and through other applications I was able to access Netflix or Hulu plus but I could not simply take what I was viewing and pop it up onto the screen. Now, viewing anything on my laptop on my TV is possible using chromecast. The up-side is that this little piece of hardware is only $35 and plugs right into an HDMI connection on the side of my new TV. I haven’t had this long enough to say if it’s good or not but I am able to do things today I was unable to do yesterday.

For those of you who are still in the “dark ages” of television this may be a great solution if your television has an HDMI plug in the back. You would be able to simply load up Netflix or Hulu plus on your laptop and connect to your television without the need for the purchase of a more expensive piece of hardware. Over the next few months I will periodically update everyone on the usefulness of this piece of hardware. But in all fairness, for 35 bucks, I don’t know what else you could buy that does the same thing.

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