The Originals

by The TV Guy

thI was flipping through the dial when I accidentally came across this odd little show. For those who watch prime time TV and live in a substantial viewing market, you are likely to have a CW network. This is a younger viewer’s network; it has vampires and monster hunters and lots of pretty people playing all the hip roles. I often flip through and just go by because the shows they offer do not excite me.

I took a look at The Originals, a vampire show where all the beautiful people never age and they are in a battle with werewolves, but only sometimes because they have made a truce with some of them and not others. I think I am losing IQ points as I ramble on about this show.  I sat through entire episode and was quite sad at the end as the idea is all right but the execution was horrendous. This is a block of time I can never get back, but I hope through my words, that you will avoid this one like the plague.


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