Bad Teacher! Bad Idea…

by the TV Guy

thSo while waiting for Elementary to start this week, I stopped and crossed my fingers that a movie adapted for TV would work. Usually they do not and they are ridiculous and the viewer is left to cringe and wince at the painful acting and poorly executed jokes and gags. I am an optimist in the truest sense of the word as I tuned into Bad Teacher with a glimmer of hope that maybe this star studded cast of TV alums would carry a relative unknown lead actress and flawed concept over the threshold to television greatness.

The short answer is… well of course not.  The show was as bad as the movie of the same name without the high powered names that the movie brought to the screen. This show was hammocked between Two and Half Men and Elementary, ensuring that people would have to watch this monstrosity. This is 30 minutes I cannot get back and this is my fault. CBS, please stop employing the children of senior management, Bad Teacher was not worth seeing as a movie, nonetheless a TV show.


One comment on “Bad Teacher! Bad Idea…

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    Wow, sounds like it was bad! When I started writing I mostly gave up TV. We finally have DVR now so even when I do, I almost never watch anything “live”. Even shows I like it’s great to fast-forward through commercials, intros or boring parts.

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