Y is for Yin-Yang

“…one quality in a person doesn’t rule out any other quality.  They can exist side by side, good and terrible.”  -from Hannibal, by Thomas Harris

South Mountain, AZ Photo Credit: Doree Weller

South Mountain, AZ
Photo Credit: Doree Weller

I’ve always loved the concept that there are complimentary forces that may seem opposite, but are actually intertwined in a way that can’t be separated.  I’ve always been fascinated by shadows, both literal and metaphorical.  Shadows cannot exist without light.  How can there be good if there is no evil? How can there be hope if there is no despair?  I believe that balance must exist in all things.

I’ve talked about heroes and villains in this month’s challenge, and about how I enjoy moral complexity in characters.  I enjoy duality in a character’s nature, and appreciate when a character struggles or has complicated motives for behavior.  This can be a difficult line to walk, in that while I like complex motivation, I also want to understand why.  We don’t often get to find out why in real life, so I want answers in my entertainment.

Hannibal Lecter is one of my favorite villains because he will kill people with out a second thought, but is also unfailingly polite and a man of his word.  Batman is such a great character because he’s a good guy with lots of flaws.  The dark and the light.  The good and the bad.



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