How To Make Money Selling Drugs

by The TV Guy

This documentary gives a detailed look at the failed war on drugs and how are country’s futile look at the criminalization of human behavior has created a culture that is dying to get rich. This detailed at times, tongue-in-cheek, documentary shows how even the poorest person with little or no understanding of finance or education can take a few dollars and transform it into a few more dollars and with hard work and dedication rise up through the ranks of “the game.”

With interviews with such infamous drug dealers as freeway Rick Ross who single-handedly built the crack cocaine empire of the 80s in California, making more than $1 million a day, details how this is possible anywhere at any time by anyone because of our current economic and legal structure. Until the current failed war on drugs is put aside, and the United States stops incarcerating more of its citizens than any other country in the world, we are going to continue to have this street culture that encourages anyone who is willing to go out and rob and steal to make this quick money. Failed policy has created multi generations of a failed society. This is a definite must-see if you have any interest in this sort of social commentary on flawed policy.


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