Narco Cultura

by The TV Guy

This is the documentary that justifies the conversation, I the TV Guy, have been having with anyone who would listen for the last quarter century. The war on drugs is a failure! The sub-cultures and the money generated by narco-trafficking has created are more dangerous and violent than the drugs themselves. This documentary shows just that, and how the city of Juarez, Mexico went from a few murders a year to almost 2000 murders in 2008 to become the murder capital of the world, all to keep the pipeline of narcotics flowing for the Sinloan cartel. While blood is shed on the south side of the border, the Narco’s, as they are known on the north side of the border, are forever memorialized in music known as corridos a form of Mexican folk music that glorifies the murdering, kidnapping and use AK-47’s to do their business.
This is a painful look at how our neighbors to the South have to live because of our desire for substances and our moral sense of superiority. Failed laws have created this situation and have glorified these cultures of criminality. If we really want to fix the problem, we will have to do something completely different, because the solutions thus far have done nothing but make billionaires out of criminals and bring illegal “pharmaceutical reps” to every corner in every major city in North America.
Watch this documentary and ask yourself which is worse… drugs or the cartels who sell them??


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