Arlington National Cemetery; Photo Credit Doree Weller

Arlington National Cemetery; Photo Credit Doree Weller

I’m not a fan of euphemisms and political correctness.  As George Carlin said, euphemism use the language to disguise what’s there instead of enlighten.  I think that both written and spoken language should make things clearer, not more obscure.

Cursing is an interesting example.  There are people who don’t curse at all.  Most people use some sort of word in place of expletives if they don’t curse.  For example, on the TV show, Battlestar Galactica, they made up the word “frack.”  We all knew what it replaced.  So the word means the same thing but isn’t the same thing so it’s somehow different?

Penn and Teller, in their TV show Bullsh*t, explain that they can call people all sorts of names (mostly expletives) and that’s okay, but they could get sued if they called them “charlatans,” “scam artists,” or “liars.”  Again, they explain this to us up front, but don’t say the actual words… so somehow it means something else?  In their case, they deliberately used cursing to obscure their real meaning.

In my groups during my day job, I curse and allow my group members to curse.  It doesn’t get out of hand and everyone still treats one another with respect.  Why?  Because that’s how I expect everyone to treat one another.  It’s our group norm.  Use whatever language you feel fits the situation, be you, and don’t censor yourself.  The words are only “bad words” because society has deemed them “bad.”  Really, there a series of letters put together with a particular meaning. Is saying “f**k you” any more offensive than “I hate you”?  Personally, I’d rather be cursed at…  And I’d rather people say exactly what they mean.  Choose your words wisely, and please make sure you’re using the “right” ones.


One comment on “Euphemisms

  1. Bobby says:

    When will Jesus bring the Pork Chops?

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