I Bet 99% of You Won’t Repost This

Words to live by!

Words to live by!

I HATE the new “chain letters.”  Remember, back in the day, you got these chain letters, and if you didn’t copy them 437 times and redistribute them, your head would fall off and crows would pick at your mangled body?  Yeah, well Facebook has the new chain letter.  And instead of threats, it comes with a hefty dose of guilt.

I want a cure for: cancer, diabetes, animal cruelty, male pattern balding, menstrual cramps, stupidity, egotism, and etc.  I want children to feel beautiful and people with mental illness to be accepted.  But I don’t necessarily think that sharing some cutesy picture with a catchphrase and “Repost if you hate whatever.  I bet 99% of you won’t” is helpful.  Some doctor is not going to come along and say “Oh, because I’m getting all this encouragement from Facebook, now I’ve found the cure!”  I don’t repost it; I am the 99%!  But I feel a nagging sense of guilt when I don’t.  Because, after all, I do hate herpes and brain rot (I just made that up).  I just am not sure why I need to remind all my friends of this 1,371 times a day.

Sure, there are some things I share because it’s important to raise awareness.  We’re not going to find a cure for depression anytime soon, but talking about it can de-stigmatize it.  A lot of parents aren’t aware of how rampant bullying is, both in school and online (and adults get bullied these days too!) so sharing information about bullying is important.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t share things on any and all issues, and I’m not saying that awareness isn’t a helpful tool in general.  What I am saying is that I hate that feeling of being manipulated, like I’m a bad person if I don’t share this stuff, or that I don’t care.  I care.  I just am not going to repost it.

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