Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday, everyone!  Time to celebrate!  Here’s your weekly dose of good news.

A Bengals football player wants to spend more time with his daughter, who has cancer, so the team puts him on the practice squad to make it possible.

High school sweethearts marry… 63 years after their first meeting!

Young Muslims are taking to social media to make it clear that violence carried out by ISIS is #notinmyname.

The number of Federal inmates has decreased as lawmakers decrease penalties for non-violent offenders.

Victim of Ice Bucket prank is being sent a “nice bucket” by strangers.

Just a note about the “nice bucket.”  When we saw that kid was a victim of that horrible prank, we could have decided to sit back and just say “How horrible!”  Some people decided to do what they could, by sending him words of encouragement.  I don’t post good news because I want to pretend bad news doesn’t happen, but because I want us all to remember, as human beings, that while we can’t stop the bad stuff from happening, we can control how it affects us.  Do you throw your hands up in the air and say, “There’s nothing I can do about that!” or do you take what action you can?  We all make choices.


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