Feel Good Friday

This week, as I was gathering stories for Feel Good Friday, it struck me that there is a lot of bad stuff in the world, but the bad stuff is often an opportunity to do good things for others.  Too often, we don’t notice the people around us.  We’re kind of all ships passing in the night.  But when something terrible happens, it’s an opportunity to see one another and come together.  It doesn’t make the awful things less awful, but it does make the good things that much sweeter.  I know not everyone believes it, but I believe there must always be balance.  If we only ate chocolate ice cream all the time, even that would become boring, and we’d take it for granted.  As much as I hate to say it, the world must have Brussels Sprouts.

Shelter dog gets a second chance as a service dog.

List and pictures of all sorts of good deeds and good people.

You’re never too old to cross things off your bucket list.

Cops buy groceries for great grandmother after her purse is snatched.

US and China come to a historic agreement on climate change.

Happy Friday!  And remember…


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