Tricks and Treats

*This was supposed to be posted right after Halloween but uh… I forgot about it.  🙂

Zombie bride, 2014

Zombie bride, 2014

I read this article in the Huffington post about a woman who realizes that her son is too old to trick or treat at 17, but that he doesn’t want to be too old for it.  

This struck a chord with me.

I don’t remember ever getting to trick or treat as a kid, not really.  I got dressed up for school, and I might wear my costume to visit relatives, but our neighborhood was somewhere between rural and suburban, not like these sanitary neighborhoods you see today.  We didn’t have sidewalks or HOAs.  And I had two girls within walking distance of my house.  I also had two boys, but the one was a jerk, and the other was too young to hang out with.

I remember one year, after I had graduated college, I was working with some small children, and I took them to the mall to trick or treat.  I dressed up and held my bag out too.  I got some funny looks, but I pretended not to notice.  Here I was in my early 20s, graduated from college with a full time job, and I was asking for free candy that in all likelihood, I wouldn’t even eat.


I think I didn’t want to admit I was too old to trick or treat.  I didn’t want to let go of my childhood and everything that meant.  I wanted to dress up and grip and old pillowcase in my hand.  Never mind that I could have bought candy myself if I wanted it.  My parents certainly weren’t going to tell me not to.  It wasn’t about that.  It was about capturing something ineffable.

I didn’t dress up in costume for many years.  What’s the point, as an adult?  If you don’t like loud music, there’s no point in going to a bar, and unless someone you know is having a Halloween party, that’s out.  Sure, you can dress up for the trick or treaters but… I just never did.

Recently, I’ve started dressing up again, just to go out to haunted houses.  I’ve also been lucky enough to go to Halloween parties for the last few years.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always did love dressing up.  That’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Do you dress up for Halloween?


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