You Can’t Please Everyone

Happy Whatever!

Happy Whatever!

Well, it’s that time of the year again, folks.  You know what I’m talking about, where the holidays are a-comin’, and it’s time to wonder… What the hell can I say?

You see, the political correctness police say that “Happy Holidays” is most appropriate because it won’t offend anyone and encompasses all holidays.  However some Christians are in an uproar because the term should be “Merry Christmas,” and they see “Happy Holidays” as somehow taking away from Christmas, compromising where there shouldn’t be a compromise.  The American Family Association is actually calling for its supporters to boycott PetSmart for a month because they don’t use the word “Christmas.”  Instead, even though there’s a sea of green and red, they call the gear “Holiday.”  And I bet it’ll still be on clearance on December 26th.

Honestly, I think that both attitudes are silly overreactions.  We don’t have worse things to worry about in the world?  If I want to wish you a “Merry Christmas,” why would that offend you?  Just because I say that, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have a Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Blessed Solstice, or any other holiday you celebrate.  Just because I wish you a “Happy Tuesday” doesn’t mean you can’t be happy other days of the week.  It just means that Tuesday is what’s on my mind.

But I get it; non-Christians maybe get tired of seeing all the Christmas stuff everywhere, so some of them would rather hear “Happy Holidays.”  Well, that’s nice too.  At least you took time to say something nice, and at least things look festive.  If someone intends to be nice, can’t we just let it go at that instead of making sure they have the exact right words you want to hear?  You wish me a Happy Hanukah, and I’ll wish you a Blessed Solstice, and we’ll go our separate ways, secure in the knowledge that someone wanted to spread goodwill and cheer.

Spread kindness, not discord.

Remember, the point of the season, whatever you celebrate, is to spread cheer, joy, love, and kindness.  How can we do that if we’re bickering over what phrase to use?  Are we really only supposed to spread cheer, joy, love, and kindness to people who say the right thing?  Or should we spread goodwill to everyone?

Whatever you celebrate, enjoy it.  But more importantly, enjoy your loved ones.

Quite frankly, wish me a happy whatever you celebrate.  And I’ll smile and say, “Same to you.”


One comment on “You Can’t Please Everyone

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