Feel Good Friday

Every Friday, I highlight positive news stories. In the past, I’ve just shared links, but this year, I’m going to start to sum up the news stories in a little more detail.

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ Photo Credit: Doree Weller

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ
Photo Credit: Doree Weller

 Sad dog gets a second chance when adopted.  These photos show before and after with the sad dog starting off in the shelter, and the happy dog at home.  Shelter dogs make the best dogs.  It makes me happy when I hear adoption stories from people bringing home their new best friend.

A 3 year old boy takes his first steps using a suit made for astronauts.  In this video, the child, who has developmental delays, builds some muscle using the suit, and then takes his first unassisted steps on Christmas Eve.

10 year old girl thanks police officers with 200 handmade cards.  I know that police get a lot of bad press.  There are some officers out there who shouldn’t have their jobs, but the majority of police officers are good people, trying to do a very difficult and potentially dangerous job.  Her cards thank the officers for being brave and heroes.  I believe that we should treat people the way we want them to act.  Maybe her cards will help inspire someone to make a better decision in a bad situation.  Either way, this is what feel good Friday is all about.

This next story is a feel good but hurts kind of story.  It’s three young girls talking about their mothers, who happen to be gay.  The young ladies talk about how they started a blog because they want people to know that they didn’t suffer from their mothers being together, but the discrimination they and their mothers have faced as a result.  The young ladies are well-spoken and make intelligent points.  They talk about how their mothers have been together for 23 years and still can’t marry in Kentucky.  Apparently today, gay marriage is going in front of the Kentucky Supreme Court.  Let’s all hope that equality wins today.


4 comments on “Feel Good Friday

  1. knottymarie says:

    Everyone loves a feel good story. Too bad we dont get to hear of them more frequently. Thank your for sharing these.

  2. SistaTV says:

    I love this feel good Friday Idea… The interwebz ;p definitely needs more peace and positivity! I love your thought about how the cards could be an inspiration for someone to make a better decision… Good love begets good love! Also the story about the girls and their Moms broke my heart… One day it will all make sense… Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’ll be back and I’ll make sure to come back here as well…

    • doreeweller says:

      Absolutely! I subscribed to your blog because I think you have such a valuable message. Thanks for stopping by and looking through the articles. I truly believe that if enough of us start spreading love and positivity, that energy can make a difference!

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