The Key To Happiness

On Motivational Mondays, I post something positive to set the tone for the week.


“Don’t put the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket.”

~Author Unknown

Keep those keys to happiness with you at all times, and remember, no one else gets to tell you how to live.  If you want to have a great week, it’s up to you.



2 comments on “The Key To Happiness

  1. amybovai says:

    Great quote! Now, if you’re like me, you always misplace your keys! jk. I totally agree. We choose how we will respond to any given situation. I have the wonderful example of my sister who just passed away this past Tuesday.. She was in great pain for nearly three years and yet she always smiled and did not complain. She once said, “it’s no one’s fault that I have cancer so why should I make anyone miserable.” She gave such a testimony of faith!

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