Feel Good Friday

Photo credit and formatting: Doree Weller

Photo credit and formatting: Doree Weller

On Feel Good Fridays, I highlight positive news stories.  I think we all see enough negativity, and it’s my goal in life to show others that there really are good people out there.

Two 105 year old women talk about finding friendship with one another in the nursing home, and the secrets to a long life.

After his wife died, an older man dedicated a bench to her.  He visits the bench every day, until a snowstorm stopped him.  Park employees noticed that he couldn’t get to the bench, and shoveled a path for him, even though they didn’t have to.  What may be only a little effort to you could mean the world to someone else.

Tear jerker alert!  After a couple’s baby was stillborn, they sold the crib.  The man who bought the crib returned it, as a memorial bench.  

A kid went to Target looking for a clip on tie for an interview, but Target doesn’t sell them.  Instead of just saying that, employees helped him tie a real tie and gave him interview advice.  This is what it’s all about… people helping people when we don’t have to.

Go forth and be kinder than you have to today.  Smile at someone, even if you don’t feel like it.  Give someone else a break; they might just be having a bad day.  Be the change.


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