D is for Drawing

For the Blogging A to Z Challenge this month, I’m going to post a different letter of the alphabet every day. I’m trying to stick to the theme of “Things I Love.”

I love to draw.

The fact that I’m not very good at it is beside the point.

My stick figures look like a kindergartener drew them.  When I got back into journaling not too long ago, I wanted to start adding doodles to my work.  I can draw spirals and stars, hearts and 3-D boxes.  Since I wanted to expand my drawing horizons a little bit, I actually Googled “how to doodle.”

Yes, I actually did.


Original artwork by Doree Weller Isn't it wonderful?

Original artwork by Doree Weller
Isn’t it wonderful?

I think drawing is like dancing.  Some of us are just self-conscious about it.  I took art as an elective in high school, and I watched other students.  Their wrists were relaxed as they sketched pencil lines and shaded things that turned into actual drawings.  I never wanted to be an artist, but I wanted to learn how to make those pencil lines.

I think it’s the nature of being human to yearn for something you’re not good at.  I have many other talents, but none of them have filled that space where I wanted to draw.  I use color to make up for my lack of talent.

One of these days, I’ll take a drawing class, and hopefully I’ll learn to relax my wrist.  I don’t have great aspirations of becoming an artist.  I’d just like to be able to use pencils to create a shadow of my internal landscape.  Even if I can never capture it, the fun is in trying, right?

Do you like to draw?  Are you any good at it, or are you more like me?


8 comments on “D is for Drawing

  1. Dawn says:

    I used to draw a lot. Now I just doodle, but I doodle cards and bookmarks and give them away. It is so fun.

  2. I used to make crayon drawings when I was young. At some point I realized I was artistically challenged and switched to stick figures and, when they were popular, Spirographs. I never thought about taking an art class. But, I read a blog written by someone who does Zentangle – and her drawings are so beautiful it makes me wonder about, perhaps, trying some Zentangle.

  3. so far, I’m with you on all your loved things…books, creativity, antiques, etc. I’m going to check out Zentangle, because I can’t draw a lick! Thanks for coming by my blog!

  4. Nita says:

    I am a doodler. My doodles aren’t good. Certainly not worth coloring or saving. Not only does doodling help me think. It has a special place in my heart because my doodling on my jeans was one of the things that attracted my husband to me many, many, many years ago. Long story.

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