U is for Ugly

Ugliness as a physical quality is underrated.

We all want to be beautiful, and we want to be surrounded by beauty and perfection.  I didn’t know how ingrained that attitude is until I read an article encouraging people to eat ugly fruits and vegetables.  Until that article, I didn’t realize that when I went to the grocery store, I sought out the shiny, the symmetrical, the apple without blemishes and the carrot that’s straight.  My husband bypassed boxes and cans that were smashed and tried to pick the one that looked nice, even when it wouldn’t affect what was inside, and that packaging was going to get thrown away anyway.

Statistics show that 40% of our food in the US is wasted.  Let that statistic sit with you for a second.  40%…

Not all of it is because of ugliness, but there is a significant portion of food in there that is thrown away because no one will buy it.  Some retailers won’t even put out the ugly stuff because they know no one wants it.

Millions of animals are euthanized every year.  Shelters know that if they want people to adopt, getting a cute picture out there is helpful.  Let’s face it; many people don’t want an ugly pet.  That’s why we like puppies and kittens.  They’re cute!

Back in the days of newspapers, my mom saw a black and white ad for a cute dog, so she went to go see him in the shelter.  The dog was ugly in person.  His coloring was actually brindle, but it didn’t look good on him.  She ended up adopting him anyway and loving him for many years.  But she probably wouldn’t have gone to see him in the first place if she’d seen him in a full color ad online instead of black and white in the paper.

In romance novels, most of the time the male and female main characters are described as being very attractive.  He’s got muscles.  She’s very pretty, even if she’s carrying a few extra pounds.  Why don’t ugly people (or even just average people) find love in novels?

I think that “average” has become the new “ugly.”  We’re told that there’s something wrong with us all the time.  There are tons of articles related to putting on make-up, getting a better butt, six pack abs, or looking good in a swimsuit.  Heck, there’s even standards for fruit these days!

We all want to be surrounded by pretty things.  I do too.  But in nature, it’s not the prettiest that survive, it’s the strongest.  That weird looking strawberry grew red and tasty.  That ugly dog is probably really loyal.

Can you believe I ever thought she was weird-looking?

Can you believe I ever thought she was weird-looking?

Side note: When I got my German Shepherd, Stardust, at the shelter, I thought her nose was too long and that she was kind of funny looking.  But she was sweet, so I brought her home anyway.  I fell very much in love with her, and after awhile, it was hard to remember that I had ever found her anything but absolutely perfect.  Love is what makes things beautiful.  I really believe it.

Take the ugly filter off your eyes and your heart.

Once you do, it’s easy to see beauty everywhere.

(Oh, and buy ugly fruit and give that weird looking dog or cat a chance.)

2 comments on “U is for Ugly

  1. Liz Brownlee says:

    I’m so with you on this. We buy organic and that is often not beautiful! It’s also true that the perfect veg in the supermarket is the sort that travels well – doesn’t deteriorate over time and is a bit tougher, and also less attractive to bugs – and also less tasty. If i see little bites out of something I know it’s good enough to eat! Wastage is so sad when there are hungry people around – what sort of a species are we if throw food away that could feed a child. ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

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