Z is for Zentangle

My first Zentangle

My first Zentangle

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, but I’m awful at it.

A few weeks ago, I talked about having to Google “how to doodle.”  That’s a true thing.  I did that.

But because I don’t follow directions well, it wasn’t very helpful to me.  I did figure out how to sketch a few specific things.

I like the idea of drawing.  Even though I’m not a visual thinker, sometimes it’s nice to just move a pen or pencil on paper for something other than writing words.  It helps me think.  I can only make so many hearts, spirals, and squiggles.

One day, while I was Googling “art journals,” I found someone who talked about Zentangle.  Zentangle is a form of doodle art that involves sectioning off small squares of paper and making repetitive shapes.  It’s so easy that anyone (even I) can do it.  Even though it’s simple to do, it looks like real art. Making repetitive shapes does exactly what I wanted it to; it gives me thinking time.  I tend to think best when I’m doing something else, but it’s a fine balance to find something that doesn’t take too much concentration.  Sometimes when I try to get into thinking time, I get too interested in what I’m doing, and I forget to think about what I wanted to think about.

There are lots of Zentangle books and tutorials online.  Even if you’re not the least artsy, I suggest giving it a try.


One comment on “Z is for Zentangle

  1. lucciagray says:

    I used to love doodling and zentangling (new word for me!) I tend to look around and daydream more nowadays 🙂 nice new word💗

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