Feel Good Friday

Hey everyone, it’s Friday!  Here’s a bunch of news stories I came across this week.  Let’s change the focus and make sure we take a look at all the good things in the world.

This is my happy place.   Photo Credit: Doree Weller

This is my happy place.
Photo Credit: Doree Weller

Grieving mama cat gets to foster 3 newborn baby kitties.  The article has pictures attached!  Who doesn’t want to see a mama cat with kitties and a happy ending?

Are you in the mood to cry a little?  Then watch this video about Caleb as he recovers from a Traumatic Brain Injury with the help of canine therapy.

A man notices a homeless guy and offers him work.  I like this story because it shows that not everyone who is homeless is there because of drugs or laziness.  People are individuals, NOT their situation.

Old Men Grooving on Britain’s Got Talent.  This is such a fun video.  Five adult men who look like average dads or middle aged working men show their stuff doing a street dancing/ hip hop routine.  I love this because it shows that when you enjoy doing something, you’re fun to watch.  Plus, it’s never too late to do what you love.

Cop dressed as Superman spends the day with a child.  A police officer from Texas saw a story about a 7 year old.  He’s part of an organization I’ve never heard of but now think is awesome: Heroes, Cops, and Kids.  He drove to Illinois to spend the day with the child, who reportedly said “wow” over and over.

German Shepherds more accurate than a machine when it comes to detecting prostate cancer.  Is there anything those amazing canines can’t do?

Hope you enjoyed your dose of happy.  Go forth and prepare for an amazing weekend.


One comment on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Loved the Britain’s Got Talent clip. That’s such a great show.

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