Let’s Talk About Clickbait

Clickbait are those headlines that promise something stunning, shocking or salacious.  We click on them because we want to know the dirt on celebrities, that miracle cure that will make us skinny, or that secret that will make us rich.

I have to tell you something.

Celebrities are just people.  People who often have their bad days recorded for posterity.

There is no miracle cure to make you skinny.

Unless you work for it or have a secret rich relative somewhere (you don’t), you’re not getting rich.

Don’t want to see clickbait?  Stop clicking on it.

Clickbait happens to sell advertising.  They don’t care if you read the articles attached to them or not.  They just care that you clicked, because advertisers pay for “clicks.”  The articles are often cobbled together without regard to the English language.  I’ve read many of them so that you don’t have to.  Trust me; you’re not missing anything.

If you want to see more positive stories, or important stories, “click” on those.  Because Big Brother is watching our choices: on Facebook, on Google, in your email, what you pay attention to is what you’ll be shown.  Advertising exists to sell you things, and companies will put advertising where you’re likely to see it.

The power to change the focus is in your hands.  It’s in my hands.

Choose wisely.

One comment on “Let’s Talk About Clickbait

  1. Absolutely! I hate clickbait headlines and stay away from as many as I possibly can.

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