Life Lessons

“Never blame anyone in your Life. Good people give you Happiness. Bad people give you Experience. Worst people give you a Lesson & Best people give you memories.”  -Author Unknown

Another original Zentangle by Doree Weller.  I'm so artsy!

Another original Zentangle by Doree Weller. I’m so artsy!

Everything and everyone in life is there to teach you something.  Next time something bad happens, instead of being angry, upset, or resentful, step back, look at the situation, and ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

Often, our knee jerk reaction is to say something like, “I’m supposed to learn that people are backstabbers” or “I’ve learned that men (or women) aren’t trustworthy,” but the problem with these lessons, is that’s like saying that all fruit is gross because you ate that sour orange once, or because that one apple you ate had a worm.

When you’re trying to learn a life lesson, remember to take away only what will help you, and leave the rest.  Sure, some people aren’t trustworthy.  So if that’s the case, maybe the lesson is to listen to your gut next time.  Or to listen to that friend who warned you she didn’t like Mr. Liar-Liar.

Everything’s a lesson, so as you go forth on this Monday, look at every negative experience as a lesson.  Sometimes it makes those tough experiences more palatable.

Go forth and get ready for a wonderful week!


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