My Technology Diet

Ladybird Johnson Botanical Gardens, Austin TX Photo Credit: Doree Weller

Ladybird Johnson Botanical Gardens, Austin TX
Photo Credit: Doree Weller

I need to go on a diet.  A technology diet, that is.

I’m not going to claim that I’m leaving social media or anything crazy like that.  I’m not.

Technology isn’t inherently good or bad; it’s just a tool.  A hammer is just a tool.  It can be used to hammer in a nail, break a window, or as a murder weapon.  The hammer is just doing what you tell it to do.  Same with technology.  It can be a wonderful tool, but it can also be a horrible distraction.

I had some quiet time recently, where I was writing in my journal and just thinking.  My last published story happened in 2013.  2013!  Two years ago.  I had a prolific year for published stories in 2011, and I was wondering what happened.  I used to have tons of ideas, and then they dried up.

At first I thought it was my job.  I had a very stressful job for awhile, but I’m not at that job anymore.

Last night, I realized that it’s my love of technology that’s stopping the flow of ideas.

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine why I’d want a Smartphone.  This was probably in 2007.  I begrudgingly got my first Smartphone because we moved and I was lost all the time.  It was guaranteed GPS, and my husband really wanted me to get on board, so I did.  I’m not sure when my phone became permanently attached to me.  I take it into the bathroom.  It’s in my hand when I move around the house.  I use it in the grocery store (for more than just shopping lists).  I surf the internet or play games when I’m waiting in line.

And because of all this, I have no space in my head to just think and wonder and dream.  I realized that my ideas have “dried up” because I’m not giving them any space to grow.

So I’m going on a technology diet.  I’ll still surf the internet and use my laptop.  But I’m going to (try) to stop carrying my phone with me everywhere.  I’m going to try to put my phone down and look around when I’m in line.  I may actually go back to paper grocery lists, just to remove the temptation.

Have you ever gone on a technology diet?  Do you think it’s something you should do?


One comment on “My Technology Diet

  1. lovetotrav says:

    Yes I have had my share of tech diets and they are great. You will feel a lot of freedom once you get used to the routine.

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